Pressure Sensor Guidance

I'm creating a small datalogger for internal use. I need 16 temperature, 2 RH and 2 pressure sensors.
The temperature and RH are completely handled so no worries there, however I need to accomplish pressure.

The intention is to be able to measure gauge pressure at positions inside computer style enclosures where there are fans and ducting working etc. I'm not super familiar, but if I can also use the same sensor for a fluid line pressure that would be great, otherwise I'll just need to add another sensor.

Here are my constraints:
IO: Digital IO only (the analog pins are taken) with 3.3V or 5V supply, as few required pins as possible
BOARD: Arduino Mega 1280
SIZE: Smaller the better, I'd like to have a minimally intrusive piece that I can place inside the enclosure and run lead wires out of the enclosure to the board.
TEMPERATURE: -40C to 130C I know this is a bit painful, but it's necessary
PRESSURE: the larger the range the better, this one I expect to be decided by price

If possible, an already mounted sensor on small pcb with outs already on it would be ideal. Or minimal amount of soldering required to get it functional.

Can anyone recommend a sensor for me to look at?

I've used the MPXV5010 and its cousins a lot. It's analog so that violates one of your constraints unless you add an SPI or I2C analog-to-digital chip to it. It does do all of the magic pressure sensing and temperature compensation inside the sensor, so there's very little wiring. You could just solder wires directly to it with no board at all.

Range? You can get 3000psi for the same price as 1.5psi. What pressure do you really need?

The issue with what pressure I need is that I'm actually not positive. What kind of ranges could I get based around atmospheric? These aren't hermetically sealed enclosures or anything so they wont be incredibly far off of atmospheric, but it would be nice to be able to see the effect the airflow has.

MPL3115A2 - I2C Barometric Pressure/Altitude/Temperature Sensor might be a choice