Pressure Sensor MPXV5050GP

I intend to do a level meter for me on a display indicating the height of liquid in a tank. Given the dissatisfaction I've had with the ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04, I will begin my journey with pressure sensors.

I have been reading and MPX2010GP, requires an operational amplifier, while apparently MPXV5050GP has the following features: - No need operational amplifier circuit. - Has built-in amplifier (0 to 4.7 v). - Can be placed directly through the analog pin with just a 470 pF capacitor between the sensor and ground. - Has an entry for the air tubing and is self-ventilated to read the differential pressure. - The pins are Gnd, 5V, Signal.

Has anyone worked with this sensor?

worked with another sensor for pressure, air tight hosing was the most important learning moment. And you might need to do some calibration to get a good lookup table.

What happens to the pressure sensor? Is it complicated? What you do I recommend?

What happens to the pressure sensor?

I do not understand this question.

no the application is not complicated, but as I said you should spent time to map levels of the liquid with different pressures. Find the minimum and maximum in real life conditions. You may not assume you will get the full range.