Pressure sensor - no wiring diagram


I have a pressure sensor, which works with piezo electric effect.

This is the link where I have bought the sensor:

The shop promised to send me also the wiring diagram, but they never did…

Do anyone know how to connect / wire this sensor and read the value using an arduino Uno?



Interesting, that part number can't be found on Google.
File a claim against seller for incomplete delivery; see how quick they will provide the missing info.

Is it three pin? Sounds like you need to just feed 24vdc and read the voltage output or am I just being captain obvious? I have connected up a few of these and they are pretty wiring fault-tolerant. Analogread your input. 0=0kpa (0v), 1023=60mPa (5v)

Three wire:

24vdc to +
0vdc to -
Output to Arduino input
Tie 0vdc to Arduino gnd

If the sensor has two wires, 4-20 mA output, the standard way to read it with Arduino is to use a 250 Ohm series resistor, and read the voltage drop across the resistor. 4 mA = 1V, 20 mA = 5V. The sensor power supply can be anywhere between 12 and 36 V, but 9V may work.

The circuit diagram below works well (the 10K resistor protects the analog input from overvoltage):



Four pins - one of which as a GND marking, two are marked 2 and 3 respectively, and the fourth marking can not be seen on OPs image.

The pins look like some standard connector (the GND pin being different) but can’t find anything on Google.

Hi all,

thanks a lot for your input - I think I will just give it a try and apply the ideas which came up in this thread…

I will report back when I know more.


Hello all,

the scematic of jremington did work well...

The sensor is working already...

The sensor consumes 4mA at atmospheric pressure and 20 mA at +1 bar, by using the 250 Ohm resistor, I have a Voltage range of 1-5V, which corresponds to atmospheric pressure to +1 bar...

The rest is simple math.

Thanks all.



Good job!

For future reference, which sensor pins have which function, on the lower photo posted in reply #4? I can see the numbers 2 and 3 on the leftmost and top pins.