Pressure sensor signal

Hi, we're doing a project at school and we're converting a diesel engine to a dual fuel engine. We also use sensors with arduino to monitor our results on a computer. We want to measure the pressure inside the combustion chamber and also the graph of the pressure related to time. We can get a signal on our oscilloscope but now we want to monitor it on the computer by use of arduino. The pressure sensor we use is beru psg 002, and is a piezo-resistive. Somebody who has a program to read out the pressure and who knows how to draw the graph of pressure related to time?

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In a student project you are expected to do the work.

Use the analog input to measure values as fast as possible until you run out of memory then export the data via the USB interface and draw the graph on the PC using MATLAB, Matplotlib or whatever plotting software you normally use. There's no point adding a display to your Arduino if it's already connected to a computer.

So plotting a graph With arduino is not possible? The only way is measuring the output and draw with mathlab or something like that?

Arduinos compared to PCs are incredibly slow at processing data and displaying graphics. It's MHz vs GHz.
Use the tool appropriate for the job.

Is your goal to create an Arduino powered oscilloscope? If so, checkout the underwhelming examples on Youtube.