Pressure sensor

Hey there,

I would like to mesure a pipe air flow with an Arduino and try to be as precise as possible. Arduino is going to be my test board before going any further.
I found that SDP600 family but I can't really understand how it work (not talking about I2C, just about the sensor).

Then if some of you worked with this sensor or on a projet such as this one, could you tell me what you did ?

The sensor I found has a calibrated range from -500Pa to 500Pa, but I don't know the sensitivity (like if it is 1Pa by 1Pa or so).

Thanks for reading.

Hopefully waiting.

I have not used the sensor, but I quickly looked at the data sheet and that says the resolution is 12 bits by default, but can be set between 9 and 16 bits. So that is 4096 different readings across the range (around 0.25Pa), up to 65536 different readings (around 0.02Pa). 16 bit setting will probably be slower and noisier than the standard 14 bit setting. 9 bit setting will only provide 512 readings (around 2Pa) but will be much faster and suitable where the pressure changes rapidly.

Ok thanks, I didn't understand like this. So, in your opinion, this sensor's accuracy is about 2Pa ?

No, I said 2Pa in 9 bit mode, 0.02Pa in 16 bit mode. You trade off speed for precision.