Pressure sensor


i am a beginner and i need help with pressure sensor Honeywell 24PCEFA6G, with 4 pins. Datasheets says that min. voltage is 2.5V and max 12V, input resitsance 4 to 6 kOhm, output resitsance 4 - 6 kOhm. Pin1 - VCC(supply) Pin2 - Output A (bridge positive output) Pin3 - GND Pin4 - Output B (bridge negative output). How can i connect it to arduino uno and run it?

Try a HX711 amplifier. The documentation talks about load cells, but it should work with any wheatstone sensor arrangement such as the one you have in your pressure sensor.

Alternatively seek out a more Arduino friendly pressure sensor that has a built in amplifier that gives an output from 0 to 5v or thereabouts.

I have used similar pressure transducers, they are very difficult for a beginner to get to operate properly and be stable over time. Look at this link: MEMS-based Pressure Sensors | NXP Semiconductors. They have sensors that have all the electronics built in with an output compatible with the arduino.
Good Luck & Have Fun!