pressure sensors

do u know any sensor to measure pressure? i want to measure the pressure of my feet on each pedal of my bike can anyone help me? thanks emanuele from italy

i'm talking about a piezoelectric sensor do u know any to use with arduino?

Hey censore,

I am not sure about a piezo sensor, although SparkFun does offer this resistive sensor that may be able to integrate into something you build for your pedals

The arduino analogRead can read in 1024 steps, the range can be 5V (default) or 1.1V (INTERNAL) or the voltage on the AREF pin (EXTERNAL)
search for arefmode

If you have a piezo that produces a voltage it can be connected to the analogpins (connect the GND’s too) , depending on the voltage the piezo can deliver, you need a certain mode as described above.
A pulldown resistor between the analogpin and GND of 10K could be needed (I’m no electrical expert).

What is the goal of your project?