Pressure transducer is not giving analog output

I've been attempting to connect this pressure transducer Transducer Specs to my uno but am having some difficulty.

My thinking was that this transducer would work almost exactly like a potentiometer with the difference being the pressure in changing the voltage. I have connected everything I thought properly however my analog signal is still not changing to anything but the full 1023 output (i don't have my ground and power backwards). I know i will need to convert the 1023 to get psi, but my first step is to just get a changing analog. I'm simply using a bike pump to change my pressure. I was expecting to at least see a couple spikes but i don't see anything.

Please help me diagnose my problem. I simply have Vin going to 5V, ground to ground and signal to a0.

const int analogPin = A0;//the analog input pin attach to
//const int ledPin = 9;//the led attach to
unsigned long inputValue;//variable to store the value coming from sensor
unsigned long outputValue;//variable to store the output value
void setup()
  Serial.begin(9600);   // We'll send debugging information via the Serial monitor
void loop()
  inputValue = analogRead(analogPin);//read the value from the sensor
  Serial.print ("Analog reader = ");
  outputValue = map(inputValue,0,1023,.5,5);//Convert from 0-1023 proportional to the number of a number of from 0 to 255
  Serial.print("Voltage reading in mV = ");
  delay (1000);
  //analogWrite(ledPin,outputValue);//turn the led on depend on the output value

I don't see a problem with the code. Double check the wiring (especially the ground connection) and also check the sensor output voltage with a multimeter and tell us what it is.

I checked my ground and everything checked out. With the transducer at 0 psi, my reading on the DC multimeter is 4.4V which makes sense for the 1023 reading. Shouldn't I be getting .5V to the multimeter at 0psi as the specs say?

Are you measuring black wire to blue? The cable and plug may be connected incorrectly, can you remove the plug and test directly on the sensor's pins?

can you remove the plug and test directly on the sensor's pins?

That was kinda dumb, I should have said, can you get the cover off the plug and test directly on the plug pins, also check wires for continuity, I've seen those things with loose wires in the plug.

What's this supposed to do? Map reading to voltage or to pressure? It does niether:

  outputValue = map(inputValue,0,1023,.5,5)

map doesn't take floats. Perhaps you meant:

  float voltage = (inputValue+0.5) * 5.0 / 1024 ;
  float pressure = (voltage - 0.5) * 100 / 4.0 ;