Pretending to be a nunchuk

Hi there. Has anyone had any luck emulating a nunchuck? I'm having weird problems...

I've set everything up as per the site here:

That works as far as sending data from the arduino, to the wiimote, to a pc goes: I can poll the wiimote and read 6 bytes of data just fine. What I can't do is convince the Wiimote that the arduino is really a nunchuck.

I figured this would be a matter of listening to whatever the wiimote sends out in my receiveEvent, then replaying whatever the nunchuck sends back via my requestEvent(). But it doesn't seem to work that way: if I do some debugging printing in receiveEvent() it looks like the requestEvent() is never called at all! Also, I am getting only a very small amount of data from the wiimote -- the usual 0x40, 0x0 nunchuck init, followed by 0x0f, then nothing else.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sort of stumped...

And just in case anyone is wondering why I would like to emulate a nunchuck: eventually I want to be able to make my own guitar hero controllers. :)

Well, I've made progress -- I guess I was just expecting to much to think I could send serial data at random moments and also maintain an I2C conversation. I'm generally more of a software guy. :)

Anyway, by restricting my debug output to strategic points I have managed to convince the Wiimote that it's talking to a nunchuk. :)