Prevent/ eliminate noise/interference in project

Don't do yourself down! From what I have seen you are a fast learner, for example from no idea about designing a PCB to a decent first attempt in not very long at all. You are doing well!

Just a thought do you have female header strips to plug the Nano Every into? Like these for example:

Better than soldering it to the board as you can then remove it easily.

Yes, that is my plan. To solder male header pins to the nano. And solder female headers to the pcb. Then, i can “plug” the nano in to the pcb.
This will also possibly give me a way to replace the nano without replacing the entire pcb.
At least this is my plan…


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I soldered the male headers on to the nano every board. Here are some pics. They look acceptable to me as in the joints aren’t running together :blush: :rofl: , but I don’t really know what I’m looking for. On the nano you can see the golden half circled layers on the edge of the board. Should they be filled with solder when you finish a joint?
The pictures are with my iPhone and may not be high enough quality to tell anything about. I tried a couple different angles with different lighting. I don’t know how to increase the quality of the pictures either.
@cattledog, I did a quick pcb to route on the router. It is just to have female pins soldered to hold the nano and screw terminals to connect any wires that may be needed for testing purposes. I hope to get it routed when I get a chance, but I am back to chasing my kids around the practice field/court.

Here is a pic of the "nano shield" I created. Hopefully @LarryD won't see it. He has high expectations, even from a low tech country boy like me. :wink: Just kidding..... I am thoroughly enjoying learning from all of you guys!


It is in! Came in a day early. Good surprise! My smd capacitors will not arrive until tomorrow, but it’s pretty cool to see! Not sure when I’ll get a chance to start soldering on it.


Looking good.

Good to see!

Give over! You are as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas Eve! You will start soldering as soon as your iron can heat up!

:rofl: :rofl: you’re right! Kids have practice in a little while, but I will probably burn the midnight oil!

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Practice what? Soldering?

Ha! No, I need that! Basketball.

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Almost like you did it? :rofl: :rofl:

I got most of it soldered up. I’m waiting on the capacitors (they should arrive tomorrow) and I left off a few screw terminals that were near where the caps go. I thought it would make them difficult to access if I soldered the terminals first and I’m trying to be patient…. Yea right! Other than that I think I have the rest done other than the led which I didn’t have on me.

A couple of notes: It’s not great and it probably won’t work, but it was MUCH easier to solder than the nano shield that I made on my cnc router. @aarg, I now understand the heat dissipation thing with the ground pins. It wasn’t too terribly bad on this board, but the ground pins were definitely the hardest to do and turned out the ugliest. However, on the cnc board I made… it was darn near impossible to solder because there was no thermal breaks (or whatever the correct term is).

You will notice in the picture the cat5 connector has little prongs that were supposed to fit in the holes on the pcb. Mine didn’t. I bent them side ways and soldered them to the holes. It looks pretty bad…Are they there for stability?

I am worried about these smd capacitors… can they be soldered to the underside of the board? For easier access.

I also have a little secondary board for the other end of the Ethernet cable. I created it quickly the morning I ordered the main board. It very well may not work, but when I saw I could get it included in the shipping for an extra 2–3$. I said what the heck.

@PerryBebbington the wife agrees with you I’m worse than a 5 year old on Christmas Eve!

Please critique the soldering job. It will benefit me! Now, if the dang thing will just work!!

Uploading: image.jpg...

Thanks all!

Not too bad on the soldering.

  • The solder joints are a bit dull (might be the solder quality).
  • You could use a bit less solder.
  • The iron temperature might not be hot enough.
  • Did you use liquid flux ?

“ can they be soldered to the underside of the board? ”

Clean the solder connections with Q tips and IPA.

I was worried my iron was too hot. I didn’t want to damage anything. I had it set to 400 on my el cheapo soldering station. I think it goes to 480. I used the .1 mm solder that came with the station. I just remembered as I am typing this it is lead free.

I tried some of the .05 60/40 I just ordered on one of the cat5 joints. It did terrible! I don’t know if I did something wrong or if it is cheap solder or what.

Ok, but I typically like to drink my IPA… :beers: :rofl: I don’t know what that is lol


I don’t recommend lead free solder.

IPA = isopropyl alcohol (90-99%).

Clean the joints after soldering or before?
Also, the picture of my secondary board didn’t go through in other post. Here it is:

Ideally, before soldering and after.

After you clean the pad, prior to soldering, apply a small amount (1/8 drop :wink: ) of flux to that pad. Solder the pad then clean flux residue from the soldered joint.

LMAO! ! ! :blush:

Nothing much to add that @LarryD has not already said.