prevent 'find' window from being minimized

oftentimes the find window gets minimized and won’t open by pressing ctrl f. Must navigate with the mouse to the minimized find window.
any workaround?

IDE 1.8.2

Thank you

Not sure if it helps you but I usually use to get it back.

If you want the behaviour of the IDE changed, you can head over to Arduino on github.

Thank you sterretje,

stepping through all windows with alt tab is a solution but is tmho as annoying
Yes I want this behavior repaired but apparently I am the sole complaining so i must be wrong :wink:

You're not the only one who is annoyed by this. I agree and this has been requested multiple times: In fact, one of the Arduino developers has even done some work to resolve the issue but progress seems to have stalled. You can get all the details by reading the link above and the other links off of that link.