price range to produce a board yun based

I have a project in mind with a commercial purpose.
Who can give me a price range to produce a yun board based?.

The price means pcb + assemblie and supply electronic components for:

  1. 10 units
  2. 1000 units

Many thanx

Take a look in the Products and Services board. Several companies have posted in there.

Thanx but where can i find that?


Thanx but where can i find that?

In the same place as you found "General Electronics".

Thanx bu it was not my question: i don't find price examples.

Thank you

You will need to ask the companies who have advertised their services there.

There will be set up costs regardless of quantity, and then it will depend on board size, number of components, what those components are... Too many variables to give a general price.