Primarily MIDI Forum anywhere?

I am hoping to find out how to add code to an existing example. is there a forum that's specifically or primarily dealing with midi programming? thank you for reading.

I don't think that your miracle will happen and someone will already have code to do what you want. It is a very specific request.

Have you actually written any code yet? A good place to start would be to send a midi message when one switch is pressed. That can then be extended to do another message when the switch is pressed twice. Then extend it to deal with a second different switch.

The key is start simple and build on what you have.

Hi marco!

a very honest and insightful reply.

Yes, I have searched for countless hours over the past 9 months. And recently have been on IRC #arduino and ##arduino freenode. Got a few terms for my vocabulary though no actual code or ordering of code. Indeed I am currently looking for more as I’ve now got my parts together as mentioned.

Like the dozens of other code attempts in various areas over the years I’ll stumble forward and sort it all (with help) at some point. Looking for a bit of luck.

best wishes to ALL.