Primary Expression Error

Hello.I working on a weather station with bluetooth. In my project there is a receiver and a transmitter. In transmitters codes I have the always same error (primary expression error)
I’m using HC05 and DHT sensor. I think I wrote codes true but I always have the same error.
Could you help me with doing the transmitter and receiver codes?

(Codes are in the attachment)
(“sketch_may14a” is transmitters, “sketch_may14b.ino” is receivers codes)
(I’m using arduino Uno and version 1.8.5)

sketch_may14b.ino (720 Bytes)

sketch_may14a.ino (393 Bytes)

Codes are in the attachment

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I have the always same error (primary expression error)

i don't see any error with stubbed interfaces

can you post your error messages?

Are BOTH sketches getting the same error? If so, I would guess a bad SoftwareSerial library.

If only the transmitter is getting an error, I would guess it’s the ‘dht’ library. I don’t know which one you are using so I can’t compile that sketch. The receiver sketch compiles without error for the Arduino UNO.