Print COM Port in a LCD

Hi! :slight_smile:

I recently started programming a LCD. And i want to print in the LCD the COM Port that arduino is connected. It is possible to get that information?
I searched, but i only find information about print information of Serial Data. What i need is to print in LCD is the COM Port that arduino is connected.

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: The reason i need this is because i´m programming two arduinos Leonardo in the same PC, and they need to do diferent things (have diferent codes). If the LCD shows the COM Port i will not send the code to the wrong arduino :smiley:


Plug in one board, see what option is active under the Port menu. Plug in other board, see what new item shows up. Write on a post-it.

Making your boards run an lcd for something so trivial is absurd.

"Write on a post-it."



Thank you guys! I will use the post-it! :smiley: