Print to LCD via Bluetooth

Hey guys,

I am trying display incoming temperature data from an IR temperature sensor that is connected to an Arduino Pro Mini on an LCD that is connected to an Arduino Uno via Bluetooth.

I have validated that I can print the temperature wirelessly to the terminal of my Mac Book by following this tutorial: Setting up the Arduino Pro Mini and Bluetooth Mate on Mac | the blog of rio akasaka. I have validated that whatever I type to the terminal will get printed on my LCD that is connected to my Arduino Uno. Basically, the program running on the Arduino Pro Mini prints temperature data using Serial.print() and the program running on the Arduino Uno prints anything that it reads to the LCD using lcd.print( I have paired my two Bluetooth modems (Bluetooth Mate Silver - WRL-10393 - SparkFun Electronics) and have verified that they are connected as the green "Connected" LED lights up on both modems. My process makes sense to me and all of the intermediate steps are working fine but here is the problem:

When I power both Arduinos independently, it takes about one minute for the Bluetooth modems to become connected. But once they are connected and the green LED lights up, the message on the LCD reads "%SO, %CONNECT" instead of reading the incoming temperature data. Any idea what is going on?