Printed Circuit boards

Hi, i am very new to electronics and i recently bought a printed circuit board from radionshack. It is the basic one where none of the pins are connected. I was wondering if there is some sort of tool i use to connect the pins i want. I want to create a line of LEDs in parallel and the easiest way it seems would be to connect that line of dots on the PCB together. However, i am not sure if there is some sort of pen or something that does this.

The tool is called wire, just bend the leads of the LEDs over to touch the dot next to it. hen solder them up once you have mounted all the LEDs.

really? so there is no metal ink that i can use? I am also trying to do another project where i have to connect pretty random pins together.

You can use this:-

But they are expensive, I use this often.
Otherwise it is down to wires, insulated if they have to cross, simple tinned copper if not. Look at the pictures in Econo Monome that shows most of the techniques in action.