Printing Arduino integers to Excel How do I do it?

Hi! I'm trying to store some data integer values i get from an IMU3000 to an excel document for later processing of the data.

I'm able to view the data values in the Serial Monitor that comes with the Arduino software but I want to be able to store it in Excel without having to copy paste from the serial monitor.

I've been trying Gobetwino but havn't figured out how it works. when i write the examplelines Serial.print("#S|LOGTEST.txt|["); Serial.print(itoa((ABSgyro), buffer2, 10)); Serial.println("]#"); It just prints "#S|LOGTEST.txt|[17]#" to the serial monitor and they dont appear in the text document I've layed the path for. I'm using the USB A-B cable from the computer to the Arduino and got the Baud rate set to 9600. What am I doing wrong?

Isn't there any easier way to get this into the excel file like "FILE, fopen, fprintf"

Thanks for help!

Thisi swhat i think you mean:

You want to print the data that comes from the arduino through the serialport to some cells in MS excel, right?

Then wouldn't it be easier to use VBA to communicate with excel and the arduino? that makes it possible to read the com port, and easily store them in any cell you want

Correct. I want to print data that I've got stored in Arduino integers to MS excel.

I've never used VBA, I assume you're refering to "Visual Basic for Applications".

yep, it's in fact quite the same as normal visual basic, and it makes it really easy to use it with excel, it's even built in in the program (or at least it comes together with it).

inside excel, click the tap developers (i think it's named that way, it's "ontwikkelaars" in dutch..), and click Visual basic. That way you can easely set up communication, and print data to cels using the commands that are specified for the use with excel. you can find a lot of information here (just look through the free stuff).

i think this is the only easy way to setup a complete functional and editable way to communicate with excel

Other options - let the Arduino write data to an SD card in csv format. - capture the data with a free serial terminal like putty.exe