Printing Integer Global Variables

I wrote a program (Included as attachment) which needs to print integer variables.
Some are local variables and one is a global variable.
The local variables print as expected, but the global one is always printed with a “<” sign following and when it reaches 10 begins to print letters, even if I use the “DEC” parameter.
Can anyone explain me why this happens?
Many thanks in advance,

UtfprStrT_Lv_V012_.ino (8.74 KB)

Can't read the attachment from mobile device easily - can you post inline using the code tags?

Basically he is using RTOS and printing his global from a task.

I am guessing corrupted memory, but who knows? 5 tasks probably consume a lot of memory.

At least his factorial function is not recursive!

You could try to bump your serial speed

changeSerial.begin(9600);intoSerial.begin(115200); and of course set your arduino console at 115200 too.

to see if it has an impact on what you see - just in case the serial interface - which is interrupt driven and will block when buffer is full - messes around with the scheduler.