Printing sketch from IDE

I've recently changed my printer from a Dell 920 (Lexmark rebadged) to an HP Deskjet 3000 and now I'm getting problems printing. On the Dell I had to drop the font size from 12 to 10 on the IDE to get a decent print but that was all. on the New HP I am getting characters that are double height and triple width!! Some times I get a double width left margin and sometimes no margin at all!!

I've Tried changing the Font in Preferences.txt to no avail.
I've tried another HP envy120 printer - same problem.

Has any body come across this before and have a solution

I'm on Windows 7 and the latest version of the IDE.

I've even fired up my old laptop which has IDE 1.0.4 and I still have the problem there.

Googleing and reading the forum it seams a number of people have problems printing from the IDE, blank pages, no colour, missing line endings etc. but there never seam to be any fixes to the IDE

Is the issue isolated to the Arduino IDE, if you print using a different program does the new printer work as expected? If all else fails you could just open the sketch with a text editor and print with that instead. With the right setup you could probably even get most of the syntax coloration like in the IDE. Of course it would be best if that function actually worked in the IDE. Kind of sad if Arduino can't pull off something the simplest text editor can do.

All other Applications on the PC'c work fine. Just the IDE that my new HP printers don't work together. I shouldn't need to copy or open the sketch in another editor! It used to work just fine with the old printer.

Using 1.6.8 and 1.6.5 both print fine to an Epson.
Am on win 7 x64 AMD x4

Maybe one of your printer settings is off a little ?
Did you change the settings in the IDE itself or by editing the prefs file directly ?

Try printing out something from notepad first as suggested.

I suspect a slightly pooched prefs file or simple setting error.

Printing form other applications such as Notepad is, as I said, fine. I did not have this problem with my old Dell printer Tried altering the settings from both the IDE and in Preferences.txt directly even completely erased the IDE from the PC and reloaded it but I still have the problem with the HP printers.

The IDE does not appear to keep the 'Page set up' in preferences.txt so where does it hide that info?

if the IDE settings are getting over ridden then the fault is more likely to be on the printer setup. but seeing as you say it prints other stuff fine then its a mystery.

Did you do a FULL clean up before the re-install of the IDE ?
Only ask as there are setting that remain even after you uninstall.

If I need to re-install anything I usually use REVO with it set to advanced and then follow up with WISE registry cleaner.

I have even gone as far as a manual registry search do dig out traces.

Honestly that's all I have. These sorts of odd glitches always bug me and I usually get to the bottom of them on my own machines.