printing sketches, colour, line numbers, page numbers

Am running Windows 10 on my brand new PC with an Arduino Mega, Chronodot RTC and an Emic2 text to speech converter. On my old Widows XP PC my sketches printed in colour, but no more.
Q1. How do I get my colour back? (probably a Windows 10 setting but all other printed docs print in colour)
My project core sketch is 42 pages long.
Q2. Can I print from the IDE with line numbers or at least page numbers?
The best I can achieve is to copy and paste into Word and add page numbers but again I lose colour
Any advice gratefully received


Never printed from the Arduino IDE so can't tell. To be honest, I never printed code. Why on earth do you want to print 42(!!!!!!!!) pages of code?

You can open it with wordpad or word or any other word processing program and print it there. Atmel Studio is another choice.

Have tried opening in notepad and word, as distinct from cutting and pasteing into these facilities but colour still lost. An aside, might not be relevant, when I get errors Arduino says I am running 8.1 ?


How about "printing" from the IDE to PDF ? You need to install a printer driver that outputs to PDF but there are several available.

Cannot help on the colour printing issue only use a mono lazer printer, though assume you have checked for any W10 drivers for your printer ?

42 pages of code on the Arduino IDE is really making things hard for yourself.

You want to download the free Atmel Studio 7 and then the free Visual Micro plug in to make it Adruino project compatible.
Its a big download/ install and it seems to take an age to start up, be once running you will see the editing benefits, they leave the Arduino ide way behind.

There are some good starter videos on ytube if you get stuck.

You can activate line numbers with Studio and they do print out with the code.

Edit, you should mention your printer make and model number, someone else might have experienced the same fault if we know what it is.