Printing TTL Data to LCD

Hello guys,

i would like my Pro mini to do the following every 1sec:

  1. transmit the following TTL message:
  2. receive the following TTL message (from an external source that replies to #1):
    1,RAC,1 // Echo of the received command
    Then, for each parameter seperated with a comma, i would like to save in EEPROM (i know how to save to EEPROM).
  3. print the saved parmeters from EEPROM to LCD (i know the lcd.print function).

my main issue is how do i “listen” for the incoming string and then saved each parameter to EEPROM.
actually, since the parameters refresh every second, i dont even need to save them, i could just print them to the LCF right away.

Can anyone point me to some good info on how to “listen” for a certain string on the TTL input, and once it arrives, save it for LCD printing?

Have a look at Serial Input Basics. It also includes a parse example.

Sending should be as simple as