Priority list on LCD display

Hello all! :slight_smile:

I'm trying to build a priority list. I have 6 main push-buttons and I want the sequence of these buttons pressed displayed on a 2.8" LCD display (240:320).
I then have 6 reset push-buttons which would reset said main buttons. So reset button 1 would reset main button 1.

Basically, what I'm looking for, is a code that would set the first button, then second, then third, and so fourth, pushed as priority 1.
If I push, for example, main button 5, it'll display button 5 as first priority. Then when I push main button 3, it'll display as second priority and up to 6. Like a queue!

The reset buttons would remove their corresponding main buttons. So if main button 5 was first priority and I pushed reset button 5, it would remove main button 5 and put second priority as first priority.

I don't know how to start programming this! So I hope you kind people would guide me a little.

I hope this explains my problem.

What I've done:
I have the display figured out. I know where to put the text on the display to make it look tidy. I have tried by myself to program this, but I never even got close :fearful:

What my hardware consists of:
I have an Arduino Mega 2560. My display is an ILI9341. My push-buttons use internal pull-up resistors.

Here's the setup in its flesh:

Thank you very much for your time!

Post what you tried and describe the problems

How to post images so we do not have to download them.


I’m pretty novice in programming. So the things I’ve done were kind of in vain, since I did not really learn from it. I’m kinda at a loss where to begin tackling this problem…

OP image.