Private Messages Broken?

When I try to read mine, I get this error on the first message (of the left column, under the person's post count.)

8: Undefined index: can_view_profile File: /home/arduino/public_html/forum/Themes/arduinoWide/PersonalMessage.template.php (folder sub template - eval?) Line: 477

I can't select any other private messages in the list. I can, however, change "pages" (page 1, page 2, etc) of messages.

Are private messages broken for anyone else?

Yes. I got around it by enabling email notifications.


I cannot replicate this, can you please post a couple of screenshots?


Uh oh. When I tried to upload the screenshot, this error message was displayed...

The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.

Screenshot of my Personal Message Inbox is available here...

The most recent seven message are not displayed. The last message to be displayed is essentially an error message.

Yes it is broken for me as well. I have taken to communicating with people through the titles.

My screen looks very similar - using Firefox, or IPad (Safari)

Same message I see when I go into my PM folder, and also same uploader full message when trying to upload an image.

That's what I'm seeing. I noticed it Saturday afternoon (central time zone). Worked the night before.

I think it was broken before the big upgrade.

[quote author=James C4S link=topic=86728.msg650845#msg650845 date=1326400206]I think it was broken before the big upgrade. [/quote]

It was.

ah but it's broken much faster now :)


personal messages should be fully functional now ... once you know where to look for things, fixing them goes pretty quick.

Thanks for your feedback,


Thank you!

:) msgs++ :)