Private Quarter Mile Xbee Network With Internet.

Would you be able to take a Wifi shielf and then use a xbee pro shield to make a wireless network over about a quarter mile to cover my neighbor hood so me and my other hacks can uses our xbees to send and recive stuff over out own wireless network only acessible to xbee users and makeign it easy to make a arduinio mini to attach a lcd cheack my mail all over my neighbor hood. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

ever heard of email?

what i mean is that i would like to make it where we can send it faster and a little more secure also send stuff like upload code right on to a bot.Right now we have a heli that can be controled over ip by just 1 user we cant to make it so that everone can use it and get the video feed from it.We are also starting to work on a what we call the side wa;k warrior it is kinda like our own little messager running off of pro mini and it took us about 4 week to map out all the space we are going to me at for more detail.

It would probably best to use the WiFi do your long haul with an ad-hoc or mesh
network. You’d be surprised as to how much distance you can get with most
WiFi routers. Add those longer antennas and get much more. I’ve seen 7-miles
between two WRT54G with the LinkSys 15-dBi addon antennas.

Then use an ethernet shield and Arduino to connect your ZigBee network to your WiFi.

Can you email me the link to where i can get the ants.Also do you know where i can get a medium speed(3 mph) servo motor with decent load I am thinking about takeing a basic mini with some nio-demium magnets on just a basic magnetic track to make a wall bug for my workshop,I am also planing to add a ip camera with the memsic allecerometer to have the cam tilt.I have a fellow hacker always useing it and i think he is steailing a load of my high intensity led witch are about five dollers each. ;D

Try Fry’s, Best Buy, Microcenter,etc.
On the net just Google ‘Linksys antenna’. Sorry, it was 9-dBi, 15" long antennas.

For servo motors try the robotics shops on the net.

Thx i was looking around what about useign wireless-n

Please punctuate, my friend.

Wireless-N? Why? It might give you some speed but your
ZigBee network isn’t going to be all that fast and it won’t
really add to the distance.

Thx also look at this fourm i posted.

Can you guys give me some othert ideas on how to use it also look on youtube at kip kay for his quarter mile bluetooth hack can a bluetooth arudinio to send data back to.

Yes in theory it’s possible however it would be slower than your phone and more expensive than an internet capable phone.

tl:dr, get a mobile phone.