private variables not set in constructor in new library

I created a library as per the example, and got it to compile. I set the value of some privately declared variables in the constructor; but they are ZERO when I access them.

Is this how it's supposed to be?

I'm sorry to hijack this question, but I also created a library much like this one, declared the variables private, and assigned them default values in the constructor; but when my code executes all the variables have zero/null values.

Any idea why? The code compiles, the variables exist. To debug, I have their values printed over serial and they are all zero.

I cannot see the code you are discussing. How about if you posted it?

We can't debug from a description, we need to see the code.

Also: Please do not cross-post. This wastes time and resources as people attempt to answer your question on multiple threads.

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