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Is there a way to measure the vitals of patients from a far place already?

So like, say you are a nurse in ICU and you are on the other side of the hospital. Is there a way to watch the vitals of a patient without having to have someone else check the status?

A lot would depend on which vitals you want to monitor.

The biggest concern for me would be the method chosen.
Many hospitals would require an RF (radio frequency) methods to have undergone certification so as not to interfere with any other equipment.
More so with pacemakers and similar medical implants.

The last thing you would want is to send vitals from one patient and kill the one in the next bed.

Another major factor would be range.
How far is one side of a hospital to the other as more range requires more power or such as LoRa
Hospitals are not a standard size so that aspect would vary considerably.

Too many variables and concerns to really put forward a valid answer here.