Pro Micro and TMRpcm

Hello all,
I am attempting to figure out a puzzling issue which I believe is centered around 32u4 compatibility with either TMRpcm or SD.h. The project I am attempting to make is similar to the one at this link:
It involves using an electret microphone to output audio into pin A0 and then recording the resulting WAV file using TMRpcm onto an SD card. Here's my issue; the Instructable uses a Pro Mini 16mhz, and I only had a Pro Micro 16mhz.
So, I decided to use the Pro Micro, thinking that the code would be broadly compatible. I realize that there are some issues with the 32u4 based boards and TMRpcm, but I have seen that combination used with success in other projects. However, whenever I attempt to upload the code included in the Instructable to the board, it bricks (as the Pro Micro is wont to do), and I have to perform the bootloader reset trick and upload the modified Pro Micro blink sketch to make the board even recognized again.
Any ideas as to why the code in the Instructable bricks the board? I am not terribly familiar with the TMRpcm or SD.h libraries, is there some obvious incompatibility I am missing between them and the Pro Micro? Or is there something I can modify in the code to make the library(s) work with the Pro Micro? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Bump? Is there something I need to clarify more? I'd really appreciate any ideas anyone has.

How did you wire it? I'm missing the wiring diagram the sticky post at the top of the forum dictates you to post.

The Pro Micro doesn't have the SPI bus on D11, D12 and D13.