Pro Micro Broken


Bit of a noob here, I've managed to snap the micro usb connector off my pro micro board, just wondering can if (and how)it could be soldered back on, or is it one for the bin?

Thanks for any advice!

It would be a very difficult soldering job - normally when a part is ripped off the board like that, it also yanks off some of the traces, so you'd need to replace those with thin wires - and the traces you'd need to attach to are very fine. Also, IME, it is very hard to solder USB connectors with an iron period, it's very hard to avoid solder bridges between pins.

If you don't have a nice soldering iron and experience with SMD board work, you're not likely to be successful.

Thanks for the advice DrAzzy, good to know. Sounds way out of my skill zone, the only soldering I'd done was attaching the headers! Ah well, good practice!