Pro Micro does not work anymore, green LED is constantly luminated


i was working on a project and was just uploading a new version of my sketch.

After that: (1) Windows (7, 64) does not recognized the board anymore (2) Arduino does not showed the com port (3) Both LEDs yellow and green are all the time constantly light up

I've tried: (1) reinstall and install Arduino IDE (2) try to upload the sketch at another Computer, but same problem (3) reset the board as soon "uploading" appears

The last think worked for uploading and recognizing the board again. But the LED appears lighted up.

(4) uploaded the blink sketch (with and without reset at "uploading") but it didn't help

There is no wiring, just the USB-Cable.

Do someone habe an idea?

greeting, DrTurkelten

Did you ever get this to work?

Mine is doing a similar thing, except the yellow light is constantly lit.

I've tried uninstalling the FTDI drivers, reinstalling them, uninstalling the IDE, reinstalling it, and multiple restarts in between. The Pro micro has no way to reset its memory without connecting to a PC so I am at a loss.


Have you followed the sparkfun directions for this board: pro micro install

And you have checked voltage settings at the pins on the board to make sure all is running well: pro micro board layout

I am not always happy with sparkfun boards in fact all the boards I have the one board I am having issues with is a sparkfun ethernet.

What was the last sketch you uploaded?

Did it involve serial?

ChilliTronix: What was the last sketch you uploaded?

Did it involve serial?

I am facing a similar issue. Difference is my power led is constantly blinking and rst is not working like it used to, and yes I did use the board for serial programming the HC05 module. Now I am unable to upload any codes either. :( Why do you think this is happening and is it reversible?