Pro Micro into MIDI control surface

I am trying to turn a pro micro into a MIDI control surface with 8 linear slide pots. This what I have so far. I worked off of a source code made by Evan Kale.

When I set up Studio One to use the Micro, it won’t let me choose what the slide pot is doing. I wanted to set it up to be used as a regular MIDI Instrument with faders connected that I can choose what to do with them. I was then going to assign them to different faders on the mixing board.

What can I do to fix this? I’m a beginner with both coding and with arduino’s. I can read some coding, however.

sketch_jun03a.ino (3.21 KB)

Take a look at my MIDI Controller library.

Your entire sketch could be condensed to:


#include <MIDI_Controller.h>

AnalogCC faders[] = {
    {A0, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 1}, // Create a new instance of class ‘AnalogCC’ on pin A0, controller number 0x07 (channel volume), on MIDI channel 1.
    {A1, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 2},
    {A2, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 3},
    {A3, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 4},
    {A4, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 5},
    {A5, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 6},
    {A6, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 7},
    {A7, MIDI_CC::Channel_Volume, 8},

void setupcolor=#000000[/color] { }

void loopcolor=#000000[/color] { // Refresh all inputs


I have no experience with Studio One, but most DAWs allow you to create a custom MIDI mapping. The MIDI controller library uses standard Control Change events (by default), and these are supported by all DAWs I’ve ever come across.

Edit: you can go to Studio One > Preferences > External devices > Add > New Control Surface.


Edit: you can go to Studio One > Preferences > External devices > Add > New Control Surface.

This didn't work. The MIDI monitor showed that it was receiving information but the faders, on the mixing board in the software, didn't move.

You have to map the MIDI messages to those faders. It doesn't just magically work.

It's probably called 'MIDI learn' or 'Create custom control mapping' or something similar.