Pro Micro not detected, not in devices manager communications Port (COM & LPT)

Hello guys. I have a problem with a Pro Micro not being detected by my pc. It was find one day and the next day when I connected it to my pc. It turned on for a second then turned off and no Mather what I try it doesn't get back on. It disappearing from my pc. No serial port detected, nothing until I connect it the day after then it again turn on for a second then die again.
Any idea on what can cause that?
I've tried to reset it to bootloader using the "reset switch twice" method but I can't assign any port in tools section since it do not show on my pc...
I just want to reset it to factory setting if possible.

The reset button does NOT reset the bootloader it simply restarts the last sketch that was uploaded.

To reset the bootloader you would have to use another device such as another working Arduino or external programmer which are exceptionally cheap and very useful for Arduino work.

Thank you for your answer ballscrewbob
I did found a tutorial that is using a Arduino Nano (I have 3 of them) but where to connect the jumpers on the Pro Micro and on the Nano was very confusing. Do you know or do you have a suggestion on where I will find a wiring diagram using a Arduino Nano by any chance.

See the link I provided or google

Tank you ballscrewbob. appreciated

Hello guys. I manage to successfully burn a bootloader on my Pro Micro. As a result, when I connect the board to my pc the RX and TX light are turning “on”. They were not before the bootloader. The Pro Micro stays “on” for 3-4 sec instead of 1 sec. then is shut down again. It seems like the more I wait between tries the longer it stays “on” but never longer than 5-6 seconds.
I’ve tried uploading the sketch “Blink” from the example with the “double click” reset procedure and the IDE shown “Done uploading” before the pro micro turned OFF but is still shut down after 3-6 seconds when a connect it to the pc.

Is there any chance that I can get this micro to work?

If the delay is proportional to the cooling period then chances are you have damaged component on the board or something you have attached to the board is drawing too much current.

If you do have anything attached then a schematic would be useful at this point.

Thanks for that quick answer.
No nothing is attached to it And yes I though about over heating / cooling time issue but since I know so little on the topic I was hoping for a fix...
So do you think my board is good for the garbage?

If it was mine it would be headed for the recycle bin.

Sorry about that but they are very rarely worth trying to fix.

I have 3 more. I just didn't want to throw out a board if it was still good.
Thanks for your help. I appreciate you took the time to answer back.