Pro Micro recognised as Leonardo?


I got a Pro Micro board to use in one of my projects, but when I plug it in it gets recognised as a Leonardo board instead. I tried compiling and uploading sketches, and the compile and upload worked as it should, but the output isn't as expected (for instance, I can't get delays to work, and it doesn't seem like the pins are connected as I expected. Unfortunately my compile time ran out in the on-line Arduino Editor, so I can't do more troubleshooting at the moment). I have a second Pro Micro that look pretty much identical (I'm guessing they're just different batches; I think I got them both at the same store), see attached images (the connectors are soldered differently, so one sits higher than the other; they're both the same size). The other Pro Micro is also correctly identified as a Pro Micro.

Question one: Can a misidentification be the cause of my issues with delay() and the pins seemingly not working correctly? I'm trying to use pins 10, 14, 15 and 16 on the Micro, could they be wired differently from the Leonardo?
Question two: Is it possible to correct it so that it's properly recognised as a Pro Micro?

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