Pro Mini (ATMEGA 328P), PWM, and the NRF24L01

Greets all!

I am using Pro Mini's to control a couple of 5630 LED strips for lighting purposes using PWM via the TimerOne library. Works great! I wanted to add NRF24L01 support but I noticed it needs pins 9 and 10, which I am using for PWM. I tried relocating the PWM to pins 5,6 and was unsuccessful. Also, there is the lingering concern that my use of Timer1 and IRQ handling for the timing will interfere with supporting and using the NRF24L01 modules I want to use.

Has anyone done PWM and used the NRF24L01 simultaneously? I guess I could use 2 pro mini's, but would love to do all this with one.

Thank you for your time!