Pro Mini but with more balls!

Hey all, I love using pro minis these days… so cheap and small.

However, running a TFT screen and ESP8266 wifi chip I’m battling against storage limits.

So I was wondering if anyone can recommend something with a little bit more oomph to it, but not too much bigger (or expensiver)… perhaps with an ATMega644?

I’ve seen Microduino-Core+, which ships for about $18 (£12)
Although it seems a little bit pricey considering pro mini clones can be as cheap as £1.50

I’d consider soldering up an atmega644 board myself but no doubt it would end up being massive.

Or what about making two arduinos work in tandem? sending serial commands to each other? Or is that just too insane.

Using separate Arduinos makes things harder unless you are an Arduino guru. The Microduino is GREAT!

The ESP8266 has a lot of oomph itself. It has 512KB flash or more - check the specs of that 8 pin SOIC on your particular ESP module. It can be programmed and replace whatever AVR you're using currently using plugins for the Arduino IDE ( or NodeMCU.

How interesting, I didn't realise the ESP8266 had quite so much RAM. If it had a few more pins on it, it'd almost replace arduino pro minis!

My issue is that I'm processing data via ESP8266 and drawing to an SPI TFT (very very slowly, 8mhz.. sigh) which could work separately .. like two brain hemispheres.

But you guys are both right, I think I'll try those two options in future! (Plus the thought of programming two arduinos simultaneously makes me feel a bit sick - all that FTDI plugging and unplugging)

@Isaac96 Do you have any general advice about Microduino? Which to buy? Keeping costs down / DIY extension boards / etc? Any info us useful :)