[pro mini] Can you use a DIGITAL pin to read analog input? voltage**

As opposed to a contrary question here of (can analog pin read digital) I am wondering the opposite, while building an all analog module, Can the Digital Pins of an Arduino Pro Mini read analog values (voltage)?

thank you.

Sure, sort of - will only get a 0 or 1 back tho. If level is in the 'middle', reading may be indeterminate.
Depending on the Promini model purchased, A6 & A7 may be available as analog inputs only as well.

Well its actually related to the potentiometer question I had - the voltage off the potentiometer is not binary,

With Vcc = 5V:
voltages up to 0.3 x Vcc (1.5V) will return a 0
voltages above 0.6Vcc (3V) will return a 1.
voltage in between - anybody's guess.

Ah and theres no way of telling it to read it like an analog within code?

Not unless you go in thru an analog input pin to go the ADC converter.
Or use an external ADC.

I see.. well thank you