Pro mini ext battery connections

I am using a pro mini for the first time a d I dont want to burn it out. I have a 6 volt battery I am using to power the board. Where on the board is the positive terminal and the ground connected to power the board please?

+6v would go to RAW, - of battery to gnd.

Be aware that you wont get the full 5v though, the regulator has like 1.5v drop out, so it'll be around 4.5v. Which is still high enough for it to work. (Regulatrs with less dropout are readily available, arduino just cheaped out)

Oh, and dont connect it to USB if the batteries are dying and you have less than 4.7v on RAW, it'll itll backfeed through the regulator and try to recharge the (presumably not rechargeable) batteries, which may damage the board.