Pro Mini, FTCI programming board, and power

I have a 3.3V Pro Mini and a 3.3V Sparkfun FTDI board for programming (SparkFun FT231X Breakout BOB-13263). No problems there.

Question: Can I use the FTDI board to power anything else, like the LCD? The breakout board is supplying power to the Pro Mini board and there is 3.3V on the Vcc pin. Can I use the power on the Vcc pin to run the LCD?

FTDI Basic can only supply 50mA of 3.3V current. How much does the LCD need?

According to the one datasheet (Sparkfun) I could find lists LCD current as as 2.5mA max and the LED as 16mA max.

Sounds like it could be okay then.