Pro Mini r5 and USB/Serial light

Good Day all,

I have purchased a Mini r5 and a USB Serial Light, and now the problems. (1) USB Driver installed correctly and detected in windows as a UNO. (2) Connect the USB LIGHT to my MINI and nothing. Done pressed reset etc with every driver possible. (3) Checked RX goes to Rx, Tx to TX, GND to GND, 5V to 5V and last of all reset to reset.

It dont go. What have I done wrong. Ardunio website said "just plug them together"

Thanks in advance for your help.


Normally the TX of one device should be connected to the RX of the other device. But with the serial adapter, I think they already named the 'TX' pin that should be connected to the 'TX' of the mini.

Can you measure the 5V of the mini ?

Can you check the wiring once more ?