Pro Mini - Unable to Program [solved]

I've been using a Sparkfun Pro Mini 5V for about 6 months on various projects, programmed using Sparkfun's FTDI Basic Bre. (5V). Unfortunately, when I plugged in the USB to my computer (2012 Macbook Pro Retina) to upload a program, my computer shut down, citing an "unexpected error", so I immediately unplugged everything. Now, I can't program the board using the FTDI breakout due to the error: not in sync: resp=0xe0). Here's the steps I've taken so far:

1: Turn on/off everything 2: Re-install Arduino IDE 3: Re-install FTDI drivers 4: Programmed UNO (worked, just to verify USB wasn't bad, did not use FTDI) 5: Attempted to program brand new Pro Mini 5V (Failed - programmer not responding). Interesting that it is a different error 6: Loopback Test: Failed on both old and new Pro Minis (success on Uno)

Interestingly enough, although I can't seem to program either Pro Mini, I am still receiving clean serial data from the existing program on the original Pro Mini.

I guessing I did something to fry the FTDI breakout, but if any of you have any suggestions to possibly fix it, that would be great. Otherwise, I'll just order a new one and put a nice large piece of heat shrink around it. Thanks,

I have a very similar problem.

Where did you order the pro mini from? I have two pro minis that don’t work.
Also, does the green light turn on when you plug it in, and does the red light flash at all?
Maybe the boot-loader got deleted.

Hope you can get it working!

I ordered my Pro Minis from Sparkfun, and they have worked fine up until this point. When I plug in the used pro mini, the green light will flash once, and the red light will stay on constantly. When I plug in the brand new pro mini, the green light flashes three times (twice in a row, then once more after ~2 seconds), while the red light stays on constantly. I'm reasonably certain the boot loader is still good, I read that the initial green LED flash represents that it's still there. At this point, I'm pretty certain I fried my FTDI breakout, but we'll see.

Order new FTDI Basic if loopback test is failing.
I bought a bunch from for like $6.50-$7 each.
USB-B Micro connector vs a Mini, other they work fine (just had to hunt down a small connector cable in my pile of cables).
Buying a chip alone is $4.50, and they are not easy to remove & replace without damaging something.

Here is the FTDI I use:

You can also program it with another Arduino:

Thanks for all the info. I was able to use my Uno in leu of the FTDI breakout (had no clue you could do that, but it makes perfect sense now) and successfully programmed each board. Thanks again!

I’m glad you were able to get it to work!

Have fun arduino-ing!