Pro mini upload with web editor

I have a pro mini 5V 16MHz 328P onto which I have loaded my program. I am using a Spark Fun FTDI Basic and for some reason the web editor recognizes this as a nano vs the pro mini, but it worked once. Now I need to update the program but can not, it doesn’t make it past the sketch info i.e. number of bytes. Maxium bytes. Gloabal variables, etc. I have tried another pro mini and same result.

There is currently a known issue with uploading using the Arduino Web Editor:

I recommend that you open the link above and then click the "Receive Emails" button. We will post updates to that thread. It's easier to update one dedicated thread rather than every one of the many separate threads about this issue.

Quick note to all affected.

You may have to temporarily disable you antivirus or similar and maybe even install as Administrator.
There might be a false positive on some antivirus.