Pro mini with LCD touch and NRF24L01+ - possible?


I am thinking of a project and was about to try it when the LCD display hit the floor and died :(

So, would anyone be able to fill in and tell me if it is possible to use one of the 2.4" LCD Touchscreens (mcufriend) like this....

....on a pro mini along with an NRF24l01+?

Or do I need 2 pro minis? One for the display and one for the transciever?

I would have icon graphics on the SD card but still worry about memory usage.

What do you think?

A Mega or Due would be a better choice.

I have a 2.4" TFT, a NRF, a DS3231 and two Encoders attached to a 3.3V Pro Mini. There is enough RAM, but the Flash is very tight, nearly no space left for the application.

You should worry.

Thank you for the replies. It seems it will be possible. But why should I worry? Can you explain more please?