Prob connectig to iot

The MKR WIFI 1010 is not connected to the NINA WIFI firmware 1.4.1.(IOT cloud).
When creating a Thing, I can add a device, but when I click the network button, it remains greyed.
It also seems to be disconnected after a while. My computer becomes ready to connect once I delete it and re-add it, but I still cannot provide network credentials ( see attached print screen).
How can I solve this issue?
Would appreciate any advice.

@millerhg, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Introductory Tutorials is for tutorials that e.g. you write, not for questions. Feel free to write a tutorial once you have solved your problem :wink:

There is no 'print screen'

@millerhg Make sure that you first install the latest Arduino Create Agent, see and follow the steps at