Probe connectivity test

I am building a circuit where I am connecting two probes to a wire with current on it. I am going to cut the wire to do an inline current check. Before I cut the wire, I want to check that both probes are properly connected to the wire before cutting the wire between them to go in line. I want to make do this check with the arduino, not a multimeter. Is there a way to do this? Some kind of continuity test or something? I'm not sure how to do this on a live circuit.

What is the voltage on the wire?. AC or DC?


What is the voltage range, referenced to ground?

0-12V range

I assume you are using a shunt resistor to (eventually) measure current in the (cut) wire. If you put a short length of wire across the shunt resistor the resistance should go down. To measure the resistance you need to put a known current through it and measure the voltage drop. I don't know if the effect is going to be large enough to be measurable. I don't think you can measure the resistance if the wire is live. In that case you should get a tiny voltage drop across the shunt even before you cut the wire. Maybe that tiny voltage can be measures. It all depends on the resistance of your shunt, the resistance of the wire between the points where you attach, and the voltage on the wire.