Probeduino probe

I am starting a new project (Probeduino) will be open source and hardware.
It is based on the Super Probe
Any suggestions will be welcomed.
Text in Blue new criteria

Design criteria:
328 chip
Enclosure type, box
Connectors, header, s connector, 7 pin din, DB9, VGA, RJ45 . . . . (sacrificial) ?
Switches, down, up, right, left, enter, reset, on/off, maybe BCD rotary
LEDs, power, probe high/ low/ pulse - memory (enabled/disabled) maybe both
LCD display, 4X20 backlight on/off/auto
Power supply, external wall wart, external circuit under test, battery
Power, on/off, low power mode enabled/disabled (battery mode), LCD backlight, auto off/always on
Probe(s), mini clips, test probe
Input, pull-up 10K/100K enabled/disabled
Pulser output, transistor and dry contact. Single (Hi/ Lo)/#of/square wave/ASCII
Serial receive and transmit, baud select
Probe LEDs, high, low, pulse - memory enabled/disabled maybe both
Sound o/p, tones high, low, none (when high Z)
Audio amplifier
LCD display, 4 lines
Pulse counter, unsigned long
Frequency counter
Pulse duration High, Low
Data logging to, SD card, PC
Volt meter, auto range
ICSP programmable
Setup savable to EEPROM

Eight bit I/P for byte compare trigger o/p (for scope/logic analyzer)
All connections through front panel
Battery Low indication
No screws in front panel
Interchangeable probe tips

Make the probe end a BNC connector so the end can have just the wire probe, or a variety of probes attached. Microphone, contact microphone (for picking up vibrations), capacitive probe for wire tracing, inductive probe, etc.

The Capsense library might make it fairly easy to add a capacitance meter to the list of functions.

Bluetooth so you can use wireless earphones or phone earpiece to listen?