Problem 64 bit plugin instead of 32 bit version downloaded on linux.

There is a problem during installation of ArduinoCreateAgent on my 32bit linux (XUbuntu) platform.

The plug-in download step of the installation procedure ( Arduino Create - Getting started ) on a 32 bit linux system download the 64bit version of the plug-in (ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1-linux-x64-installer.tar.gz) instead of a 32bit version. As result the downloaded plug-in can not be installed.

The website has the same erroneous behavior with
Chromium ( Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 14.04 (32-bit) )
and Mozilla (57.0 (32-bit))

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Massimiliano Segreto

here some infos on the 32 bit plugin

Same problem here. That post above is from 2015. Surely they would have got it working by now?

No unfortunately we have not developed a 32bit installer for Linux, it is on our list but not very high prio, sorry.

...but for us, that have Arduino Zero, is priority to possibility of use. At the offline IDE 1.8.5 I have problems with OpenOCD. I am sorry too. Do You know the timeline for this?

Hi @KimRibeiro what is the connection between the Arduino Zero and the 32bit plugin for Linux?

If you have issues with the offline IDE 1.8.5 please open an issue on the repo


I understand your excitement at getting an Arduino but please dont hijack other threads by posting everywhere. That wastes peoples time and efforts to help you.

There is a post near the top of this section about what information to include with requests for help PLEASE read that and add the relevant information.

Linux IIRC sometimes needs ROOT permissions and there are a few threads that should cover the issue. Also I am not sure if ALL versions of Linux are usable with the plugin so the extra information would be useful here.

Your board is also usable with the REGULAR IDE so all is not lost but again more info is needed.