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Sam Son tourism should in any hotel, where is the most convenient way to travel?

“At the end of August, my family organized a trip to Sam Son for 2 days 1 night. . Can advise me to travel Sam Son should stay in any nice hotel, delicious food, cost about 500,000 - 700,000 VND.
To make the journey to Sam Son convenient, you can refer to the article about Sam Son tourism experience here >>> Du Lịch Sầm Sơn - Kinh Nghiệm Du Lịch Sầm Sơn Tự Túc

I. Sam Son tourism should in any hotel?

Dear Phuong Mai, traveling to Sam Son you have a lot of hotel options from location to price. In general, hotels in Sam Son are quite diverse, most tourists book rooms at beaches A, B, C or D for convenient travel. Sam Son tourism should in any hotel, where travel? Below, we advise on which hotels to choose, which hotels are nice, and the prices range from $ 17 - $ 33.

II. Which beach to book when traveling to Sam Son?

  • Beach A: Considered one of the most crowded beaches today, with a gentle slope and strong waves. If you love the bold, young should choose beach A.

  • Beach B has a soft, gentle slope, relatively less intense waves than beach A. Therefore, the beach is suitable for both the elderly and children. Hotels in beach B are relatively affordable, especially with many snack bars along the beach.

  • Beach C in the middle of summer in June is very crowded. In the C beach area, there are many luxurious restaurants, cafes or karaoke. You can organize a barbecue party on the beach or camping, strolling at night are very interesting.

  • Beach D with casuarina ridges, floors built close to the sea, very suitable for travelers who have a peaceful, not crowded and bustling resort.

Which beach should I book when traveling to Sam Son? All 4 beaches have their own beauty, so depending on your preferences as well as the purpose of the transfer ... you choose for yourself the most suitable hotel.

III. Good hotel, quality & priced under $ 33 in Sam Son

1. Lam Kinh Hotel - Le Loi Boulevard - Thanh Hoa City

This popular Sam Son hotel is 4-star standard, with prices ranging from $ 33. Including 222 rooms with beautiful and luxurious facilities, clean & spacious rooms. This is the only 4-star hotel in Thanh Hoa in accordance with the international hotel ranking standards of the World Tourism Organization.

With a convenient location, from the hotel is very close when moving to Sam Son beach, Hai Hoa, Ho Dynasty citadel, Ben En tourist resort, Cam Thuy fish stream ... The hotel is designed with 11 floors with architecture Unique, wavy shape makes a special impression at first sight. The hotel also offers great resort services such as tennis courts, massage, spa, swimming pool, gym ...

The hotel is rated at a Very Good 7.7 level. The highlight of this hotel is big, wide cool location. There is a variety of delicious breakfast, clean swimming pool, nice balcony, large, fresh fruit, daily drinking water. Friendly employee. However, the minus point of this hotel is that many tourists reflect that the pool is not large, compensating for clean, clean water.

2. Muong Thanh Thanh Hoa Hotel - Nga Ba Voi, Dong Ve Ward, Thanh Hoa City

In which hotel when traveling Sam Son? dia diem du lich Muong Thanh Thanh Hoa is the ideal vacation destination for your family trip. The hotel is ideally located, located in one of the new urban dry city.

Muong Thanh Thanh Hoa Hotel is 16 floors high, with 219 rooms equipped with international standard facilities, rooms with open space overlooking the new urban area. Luxurious furnishings, amenities and high-class services bring guests the most comfortable and relaxing vacation. Besides, the hotel also has gym, sauna, outdoor pool, massage ...

3. Phoenix Hotel - 998 Hung Vuong Boulevard, Quang Thanh Ward, Thanh Hoa City

Sam Son tourism should nice hotel, good price? Phoenix Hotel is an ideal suggestion for your trip. The hotel is located in the city center, very convenient to travel, is an ideal stop for family travel, business trips or couples to honeymoon.

The hotel consists of 80 rooms equipped with full amenities, beautiful rooms, clean, enthusiastic staff. With room rates starting from $ 22, you will experience quality and perfect service like hot tubs, gyms ... giving visitors the most enjoyable relaxing moments.

4. Hoa Thuy Tien Hotel - 11/1 Tran Quoc Toan, Dien Bien Ward, Thanh Hoa City

If you want to find a Sam Son hotel near the sea, you can choose Hoa Thuy Tien hotel with the address at 11/1 Tran Quoc Toan, Dien Bien Ward, Thanh Hoa. Prices range from $ 17. Hoa Thuy Tien Hotel offers impeccable service, please even the most discerning guest with luxurious amenities great. Besides, the hotel also offers other great resort services such as gym, karaoke, game room, hot tub, golf, table tennis and children's playground ...
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