Problem about serial monitor

Hey everyone

I have been facing a problem. Actually I am doing a simple thing and that is I am reading data on the serial monitor from 2 arduino boards who are attached with the two serial ports of my laptop. So obviously I have to switch between the ports to see the values on serial monitor but when I switches the ports on serial monitor the previous values related to that port vanishes. I mean for example I am getting the values on serial monitor from port 3 now when I will change the port on serial monitor to port 4 to read the values from other arduino and then when i will switch again to port 3 then it will not show the old values prior to switching and I want to keep record of all the values from the start from both arduinos.

So kindly guide what I need to do.


If you open two instances of the IDE, and set one for each port, you should then be able to open a serial monitor for each instance of the IDE, attached to the appropriate port.

oh....that's great , thanks alot :slight_smile:

No, don't open the IDE twice, it may mess up compile process. Instead, use a dedicated terminal program (run twice). I use termite terminal. You can see two ports at the same time.

I routinely run multiple copies of the IDE to solve that problem, and I have not had any problems with the compile process being messed up.