Problem about the pass key of Arduino BT

hi, i am Shek from Hong Kong.
I bought an Arduino BT device, but i got some problem about using it.

When i search the ARDUINOBT from my computer (I am using Window XP SP2), i then enter the pass key “12345”, it first detect it and outcome COM 13 and COM 14 successfully, i then try to run it at arduino 0010-win using serial COM13 with board “Arduino BT”. However, when i try to compile the program it give no response.

And then i restart my computer and try to install the arduino BT again, it can still be detected, but when i enter pass key “12345” again, it said can’t exchange the pass key and fail to install. I try several time but still got the same results. And then i try to install it by select “no pass key”, it then install successfully but no available COM is specified, so i then add a new COM myself, it give COM 15. But it still give no response when i load it onto the board.

Do i need to exchange an new Arduino board or i just need to reset the default setting in order to fix this problem?
But actually i don’t know how to reset the default setting…

I had some issues getting the ArduinoBT connected.

I think there are some issues with the XP USB drivers. Also, in my case I had used 2 different bluetooth dongles at different times and one used the windows driver the other installed some other drivers.

In the end I went through and deleted all the com that were related to USB. Then I searched and found the Arduino-BT and paired to it successfully.

I selected the BT board in the IDE (I was using v0010, but I understand v0011 has some BT improvements) and set the baud rate.

It took a little time for me to get the time between pressing the reset button and clicking the download button on the IDE before it worked - and it did give an odd error message when it didn’t work - but it has been working ok since.

I hope this helps a little.



hi, thanks for your comments.
I finally success to access to the Arduino BT via XP SP2 bluetooth driver just “one” time after several try,
I just borrow my friend’s Arduino BT and can pass the pass key “12345”, but mine still can’t…is that mine has some problem…
by the way, i try another driver “bluesoleil”, but the boards still couldn’t be access, so i wanna ask which driver did you use, so i can try it.

additional question: do you know how to reset the board to the default setting? Because i am afraid that my board’s passkey may have some problem…
the guide from the said that the reset pin is pin 7, do you know what steps should i do to reset it?