Problem adding a Math equation to my sketch

Attached is my Sketch File . So far this has worked , im able to get my RPM on my Screen. I now want it to display the M.P.H. on the screen as well, but this is where im stuck.

  • The equation that needs to happen is RPM x 0.0113636 (0.0113 is fine ) That number I came up with based on my wheel diameter and other factors. If anyone can help me with adding this to my sketch that would be wonderfull. Im very new , and Im waiving the white flag here =(

Thanks to all !


sketch_jan14i.ino (1.96 KB)

Can’t get to your code from phone. But what’s wrong with something like:

float mph = 0.0113 * rpm;

Maybe I’m not understanding your confusion.

Im waiving the white flag here

You don't want to do that.

My confusion would be im New haha. Seriously though any input helps even if its wrong, i still learn.
I have been doing the math using Spreadsheets ... but this is a small Dyno im trying to make and I would rather have the info on the screen vs inputing on a seperate device.

My confusion would be im New haha.

You're so new that you can't look at the reference or any example codes? I find it hard to believe that you're so new that you don't know how to read. You obviously read this thread. If you're new and don't know, then go learn. Don't use newness as an excuse. That's the difference between being a beginner where you're loved here and get lots of help, and being a n00b and getting reviled and trolled.

wow seriously ..., great attitude. I just joined this Forum to solve a problem and now Im a troll.
Have a nice day.

The forum has clearly-posted guidelines on how to get the best answers at the top of the main forum sections.
You clearly didn't read them.
Why not?

I didn't call you a troll. Read it again. I was trying to tell you how to not get trolled. You have to look like you've at least put in some small modicum of effort or this place starts to feel real mean.

It is also essentially a cross post:

Well, the OP did say they'd waived the white flag.
Please direct answers to the other thread.
Thread locked.